Family Law

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Family law broadly speaking covers the areas of law concerned with divorce both contested and uncontested, custody and visitation, child support and spousal maintenance and equitable distribution of marital property.

This area of law also includes managing the problems that result from spousal or child abuse, the financial issues that result from gambling or drug addiction or bankruptcy, post divorce financial planning including wills and trusts to protect children’s assets from an irresponsible spouse or other circumstances.

After a divorce there may also be problems enforcing court orders contained in a judgment of Divorce or Family Court order. A change of circumstances may also require an application to modify a Judgment of Divorce or court order relating to custody arrangements, to allow a parent to re-locate to another state or to increase or decrease the amount of support or maintenance awarded.

All of these disputes can be resolved by litigation, if the parties cannot agree or by agreement, mediation or arbitration.

Our firm has been involved in matters involving all aspects of family law in both the trial and appellate forums. We are here to assist you in whatever type of family law problem you are currently experiencing.